A joystick – tool for driving your car  

Every year brings something new and something special in industry. Sometimes we can see bionic arm that helps people with disabilities, super-computer that executes millions and millions of tasks or new smartphones with special features, which marked the beginning of year.

Car driven by joystick


IT world never stops surprising us even when it comes to the things we think we cannot make an upgrade for. The beginning of year brings something special when it comes to cars and driving and it represents a perfect blending of auto industry and IT industry – a car that can be driven via joystick.

driverless-carA company in Illinois, with the help of automakers, is trying to develop a new concept where the whole driving will be performed using only joystick. As you know, Lincoln is already prestige car and this feature will make this car even more luxurious and sophisticated. The company implemented two LIDAR sensors on the front side of the car and one video camera.

These sensors scan the area in front of the car and render 3D map of the area, which is really cool feature, while the camera will provide an optical view, recognizing pedestrians and traffic lines. These two features are the brain of this newly implemented driving system. The sensors alongside with the camera are put in the trunk and then connected to the main vehicle control system.

Test driving have not been performed yet, but the concept could be realized in short period of time – the main catch is to create a good software that will function well, which will probably be created by the team of the best engineers. In order to create a better insight to the whole concept, the company used simple gamepad for demonstration.

p01qdj2tTwo joysticks will be used for steering and controlling the vehicle, directional pad for turning indicators while buttons (1,2,3,4 are usually marks for the buttons) will be used for functions like gear shifting and accelerating and braking.  Although the concept has not been completely finished, the presentation was quite interesting and inspiring, promising more fun and joy in the near future at the same time.

The company pointed out that driving will never be easier, especially for gamers who have several hundreds of hours in NFS series of similar game series. The main leader of the project said they are having  small problems with “bridging” technology and cars, but they decided to form a team that will have only one task : to find the right way to connect these two worlds.

No more steering wheels - drive by joystick!

Driving a car, while you are sitting in the back and holding gamepad is really interesting and relaxing, especially for people who travel a lot. This technology will probably bring more safety into everyday traffic since people will drive more carefully using a gamepad. Aside from safety, this is something really innovating and cool – not even to mention that Lincoln implemented this feature at the first place. This means that luxury will be even more fun.

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