Chromebook Sales Soar At the Expense of Other PCs

Despite their timid start on the market, Chromebooks are now gaining in popularity at an almost alarming rate. Where sales of Chrome PCs accounted for only 1.9% of all computer sales in 2014, in 2015, that number rose to 2.8%, and it’s set to rise again in 2016. Shipments of Google’s Chromebooks are now syphoning sales from more traditional options like Windows or Mac laptops and even desktops. This growth in sales may be attributable to the Chromebook’s low price, simplicity, and lightweightness, which makes it a perfect choice for students, casual users, and anyone on a bare bones budget.


Let’s Talk Numbers

According to statistics from the International Data Corporation, over the entire year of 2014, 5.86 million chromebooks were sold. In just the first 3 quarters of 2015, 5.7 million were sold. If Chromebook sales keep growing at this rate, they will soon have a corner on the market. The total amount of PC sales worldwide from all brands was just over 276 million in 2015, which represents a 10.4% decrease in computer sales, which is the largest slump since 2008.


From Humble Beginnings

As mentioned before, the Chromebook had a less than astonishing first showing when the products launched in 2011. Things really kicked off in 2013 with the unveiling of the second generation of Chromebooks. As more and more PC manufacturers came out with their own version of the Chromebook, their popularity continued to increase. Now, all major PC manufacturers offer at least one laptop or desktop with the Chrome OS, except for Apple.


How to Use

Chrome OS provides a pretty basic, web-based computing environment for the casual user. There are no programs to be downloaded or software to be installed. It is this simplicity that allows it to be so well priced, and why many people have come to love their Chromebooks. At first it can seem like a bit of a shock, but if most of what you do with your computer is web browsing, word processing, or other light tasks, you will soon get used to Chrome’s sleek and simple operating system. In fact, it can be the perfect solution for people who find themselves calling on their favourite IT support provider in London a little too often. It drops all the bells and whistles in favour of a more straightforward user experience.


What Does the Future Hold?

The future is, of course, uncertain, but Chromebooks seem poised to ride out this slump in PC manufacturing better than its counterparts at Microsoft or Apple. Their sale numbers continue to rise even as the overall market is trending downward. I think that as more people come to realise all that the Chrome OS has to offer, at such a low price tag, it will continue to pick up steam and gain more and more popularity.